Monday, January 24, 2011

Do The Pop! Episode 1 (January 2011)

Welcome to our first attempt at making a podcast! Jonathan Buck and myself (Mike Hooker) thought we'd test our radio prowess and present 80 minutes chuck full of sheer idiocy and amateurish shenanigans while packing in some great tunes for your listening enjoyment.

This episode features segments dedicated to some of the outstanding power pop records that came out of Milwaukee in the early 80's as well as various parts of Canada from '77-'81. We also have a very in-depth interview with Paul Collins who gives us all the dirt on how he came to meet Jack Lee in San Francisco, how they hooked up with Peter Case and formed the Nerves, why they ended up splitting and what he's up to these days.



Milwaukee Segment
1. The Wigs - You Say Ono (File Under Pop Vocal LP on Streetwise - 1981)
2. Haskels - Daddy's Girl (Taking The City By Storm 7" EP - bootleg)
3. Orbits - Make The Rules (7" on No. Records - 1980)

4. Sidewalks - Who Ever Said That You Was Cool (7" on Flying Scooter - 1981)
5. RPM's - I Don't Wanna Be Young (7" on Hit-Man - 1980)
6. Shivvers - Teen Line (Powerpearls Vol. 2 LP)
* Somehow during the digital transfer the song "Teen Line" drops way out and sound like butt. Sorry for the technical difficulty but this is our first stab at this technology and we have no clue what we're doing or how to fix it.

Paul Collins Interview
7. Nerves - Hanging On The Telephone (Nerves 7" EP - 1976)
8. Nerves - Working Too Hard (Nerves 7" EP - 1976)
9. Nerves - When You Find Out (Nerves 7" EP - 1976)
10. Nerves - Give Me Some Time (Nerves 7" EP - 1976)
11. The Beat - Rock N Roll Girl (S/T LP on Columbia - 1979)
12. The Beat - All Over The World (To Beat Or Not To Beat mini LP on Passport - 1983)

Canadian Segment
13. Pointed Sticks - Out Of Luck (7" on Quintessence - 1979)
14. Modernettes - Celebrity Crackup (Get Modern Or Get Fucked LP on Lady Kinky Karrot)
15. Diodes - Red Rubber Ball (S/T LP on Epic - 1977)

16. David Quinton - Does It Matter To You (S/T LP on Bomb - 1981)
17. Teenage Head - Top Down (S/T LP on Inter Global - 1979)
18. Blue Peter - Same Old Place (Test Patterns For The Living LP on Ready - 1979)